I will be a good steward of your tax dollars. Successful budgets require effective planning, time management, records accuracy, appropriate staffing, and efficient office administration. Fiscal responsibility in the County Clerk's Office also requires accurate and timely handling of tax billing and collections.


Our community's rich history is recorded and preserved in our Clerk’s Office. To improve our County's future, we must protect our records, while making public access easy. Accurate, well-maintained records require process improvements, adoption of new technologies and continuing education for staff.


The sanctity of our freedom and the structure of our government relies on the integrity of our election system. We must protect and maintain secure elections that are fair and equally accessible to all citizens. Our local elections must be run with efficiency and accuracy that is above reproach.


Your County Clerk's office must be knowledgeable and capable. Our processes should be continuously reviewed for improvements to better serve the public. As technologies develop and our community grows, we must be prepared to embrace changes and improve for continued success.

George Coomer

for Boyle County Clerk

I was born and raised in Boyle County. My family, my roots and my future are here. I have prepared, though both professional and personal endeavors, to become qualified and able to give back to this community. I hope to serve you and my community as the next Boyle Court Clerk.

I envision a Boyle County Clerk’s Office that will be run in the most professional, efficient, cost-effective and courteous manner possible. I want to provide enhanced services to our community.

I am committed to an office that stands for and clearly demonstrates the principals of Integrity, Accuracy, Attention to Detail, and Friendly, Competent Service to all citizens of Boyle County.

It is our individual responsibility and obligation to participate in the political process, not just by voting, but to know the issues and candidates and choose the best fit for the office and the best choices for us as a collective whole. If you would like to know more about me, please read my bio or contact me. I would welcome the opportunity to get to know you, your concerns and how I can better serve you as Boyle Court Clerk.

Please consider me when casting your vote for Boyle County Clerk on November 6th in the General Election.

  • Tom Ellis
    George Coomer has deep roots in our community, expertise gained in our Armed Forces and years of experience as a professional in real estate. Collectively, these credentials  give him unmatched experience to lead the Boyle County Clerk Office and Staff.
    Tom Ellis


Preserving Boyle County's history is personal for me. Since my family has been in Boyle County for over 100 years, our family history is intertwined with the county's history. I am devoted to keeping our mutual history safe, properly recorded and easily accessible to the citizens of Boyle County... past, present and future!

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