Meet George Coomer: Candidate for Boyle County Clerk


We all enjoy the benefit of living in the greatest country in the world. I believe that we each have a civic duty and responsibility to give something back, something more than just what is required. We need to dig deeper and give our best to help our communities and each other.

I began my civic duties early as a volunteer firefighter and EMT here in Boyle County. I was certified as an EMT in 1983, the same year that I graduated from Danville High School.

I volunteered as a Captain Firefighter/EMT in a small Ohio community where I resided during my professional career as a corporate Project Manager. What I am most proud of in my volunteer position was developing and implementing the business plan that took a small department that was a 100% volunteer EMS service experiencing a difficult time staffing for emergency services, to its present state as a combination volunteer/paid service which is now capable of supporting citizens’ needs.

I also served in the elected role as a Village Councilperson and served as Chairman of the Township Zoning Board while in Ohio. After coming back home to my roots here in Boyle County, I became a board member of the local historic preservation group and currently serve as a committee chair on that board.

These experiences have taught me to observe and understand my community. They have encouraged me to want to provide services unique to our community’s needs and have ensured that I will strive to serve you better to make Boyle County stronger.


My professional career has been diverse and varied from the basic levels of technical and consumer services, to the on-site management of projects, business development, and culminating in project management of multi-million dollar programs covering numerous sites and teams across several states. I have developed and managed large budgets, identified and set milestones, built processes and timelines, managed personnel administration, identified and managed risk, found efficiencies, and exercised creative problem solving to meet unexpected events or short timelines.

I want to utilize these skills and experiences as a leader and project manager to give back to Boyle County as your next County Clerk.


I have always been interested in Boyle County history, land, and historic architecture, so I have become a board member of the local historic preservation group and currently serve as a committee chair on that board. I have secured my Kentucky Real Estate license and am a Kentucky Licensed Principal Auctioneer in order to work in Real Estate Investment and Management locally.

Although I deeply enjoy my work-life and hobbies, my family, my friends and this community are of the utmost importance and the central focus of my life.


I am a 5th generation Boyle County resident with deep roots and long ties to Boyle County’s history. I grew up in a 3rd generation family business that was built on the tenets of Honesty, Fairness, Integrity and Providing First Class Customer Service. I care about the preservation and protection of our records and our rich history. I know and care about Boyle County and want to help to ensure her bright future. I know and care about my neighbors here in Boyle County.

Military Veteran

Not only have I served my community through civic functions, I have honorably served my country in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division and our great Commonwealth as a Flight Medic in the Kentucky Army National Guard.

I love my country, my state, my community. My military service has taught me leadership and discipline and most important – Esprit de Corps, instilling pride and fellowship with my staff, colleagues, and peers – my team.

I am focused, mission oriented, and time conscience; key skills for leading the clerk’s office in organized, efficient, and professional services.

Qualifications: Professional and Personal


  • Kentucky Licensed Realtor and Auctioneer
  • Attended the University Of Kentucky College Of Engineering
  • 25-year Career in the Telecommunications and Technology Industry
  • Project Manager in Telecom Industry & Achieved PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification


  • The US Army - Paratrooper in 82nd Airborne Division
  • Kentucky Army National Guard - Flight Medic
  • Kentucky Air National Guard - Crew Chief

Boards & Committees

  • Board Member of a Local Historic Preservation Organization
  • Chair of  Board Committee of Local Historic Preservation Organization
  • Chairman of Goshen Township Zoning Board (Ohio)
  • Boyle County Republican Candidate Recruitment Committee

5th Generation Boyle County Resident

  • Grew up in Danville and Attended Danville City Schools
  • Boy Scouts of America - Danville Troop #326
  • Resides in Boyle County with wife Valarie and their two dogs, Ginger & Nellie

Community & Faith

  • Volunteer Firefighter & EMT
  • Elected as Village Councilman in Ohio
  • Member of First Christian Church

Civic & Social Clubs

  • Member, Masonic Lodge & Shrine
  • Member, American Legion
  • Wilderness Road Amateur Radio Club
  • Former President & Member, The Lions Club (Ohio)
  • Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels
  • Member, NRA

5th Generation Boyle County Native